6TH MAY 2017

The Entrepreneurs Club invited an exciting array of speakers from budding entrepreneurs, start up and venture capital founders and CEOs to those involved in legal structuring of private equity investments , to a two day seminar. The events were attended by over 200 guests, predominantly those interested in starting their own business or founders and CEOs of start up companies.

The main theme of the events was; "start up to IPO the imperfect order". As it says on the can, the presentation delivered, by a leading legal expert in the offshore structuring world, was to educate the community about how to properly structure, bottom up, start up companies, from day one, to enable such a company to assume the characteristics of a significant company with the ultimate goal of a trade sale of IPO exit. The aim of the presentation was to look at a business, from the outset, with the goal establishing a significant company that would be fit for public stock exchange listing

Our keynote speaker shared with the audience the procedures for establishing the right entity; understanding the investment terms that a typical private equity investor would want to see; pre-IPO structuring; and the legal requirements for listing the company on a public stock exchange such as in Hong Kong, London or New York. In short, a company structured in a way that is fit for purpose? engenders trust and sets the company on the right path to global success.